Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Does anyone want to buy sum black Versace sun glasses?

2 replacement screws, the arm is wobbly, but dont fall apart, other than that, the cool


What website is the least expensive to buy my favorite perfume? its crystal noir by Versace?

Try this one: http://www.newperfumespro.com/advanced_s鈥?/a>|||I usually go with Amazon with everything I buy. They usually always have the lowest prices because they have so many vendors. The lowest price I found on there was $28. Link is below.

Is there a website i can buy versace clothes/shoes/bags on?

(the nearest versace boutique is at the other end of the country(uk)) And does any one know how much the summer collection versace platform heels cost?|||I think you will find it difficult finding any Versace retailers that ship to the UK|||http://www.versace.com/

Where can i buy versace medusa black or silver buttons from for a jacket?

2|||ebay.co.uk|||check out ebay just put buttons in the serch and there you go there will be hundreds

Where can I buy in the USA fabric replica from versace, armani, carolina herrera?

I need to get silk.|||Try it from India where USA fabric Order from it.....

Is Versace's "The Dreamer" appropriate to wear to a wedding?

I just bought this on the internet because I read a bunch of good reviews and I got a huge discount on it. I'm trying to decide if it'll be an appropriate fragrance to wear to a wedding I have to attend, or if I ought to find something else.|||I don't think there's a wrong type of perfume. If that's what it is. I would seggust to just wear a fruity lotion and that's it. I don't like perfume. Plus, the whole room will have everyone else's perfume mixed in so nobody'll smell yours. I'd go with fruity lotion.

Hope I helped!

Does Myer and David Jones stock Versace Blue Jeans fragrance?

Yes, Myer and David Jones still have them. There might be some that don't have them, so you have to go to a different Myer or David Jones. As the fragrance was made quite a while ago.

Try Perfume Connection or Perfume Empire

|||idk who the people are but. I wear red jeans and i can always find that and blue jeans at places like Marshalls, k%26amp;g and department stores i live in chicago